We design, produce and deliver merchandise that people want to wear

We are experts in the design, production and fulfillment of global merchandise campaigns that make connections.

Every shirt features a link to a dedicated landing page with more information, samples, audio clips and connection to your site just a click away.

Your Brand Ambassadors

Your most passionate customers are the best brand ambassadors.  A great shirt starts conversations and interactions in the real world. Creating a shirt that connects and catches people's attention, requires imagination.

Many times a shirt is little more than a logo or brand-mark on the front of a plain shirt. We work to develop something more... strong concepts, expressive graphics, bold color and always high quality materials and reproduction.


You don’t have to be an expert in shirt design and production
– we will put it all together.


You don’t have to be an expert in e-commerce, payment processing and taxes – we do that.


We take care of logistics of fulfilment, shipping, returns etc. worldwide.

No Set-up Costs

There are no set-up costs, no fees, no warehousing charges.


You will never have to manage inventory, or appologize for being out of stock.


We have production in four countries, we deliver shirts in 3-5 days in US, UK and Europe

Digital Print On Demand

We specialize in short-run digital print-on-demand custom merchandise. We can produce and ship products on a range of colors and sizes for delivery in many countries in 3-5 days.

Multi-colored Digital Embroidery

We can produce high quality raised pillow and flat embroidery stitch-work on shirts and polos in about the same time as printing. Some set up is required for new designs. The quality of this embroidery has to be seen to be believed.


You can set price of shirts in your campaigns. This can provide for incremental revenue, on the other hand, you can choose to keep the price lower to emphasise promotion of your brand.  

Ultimately, you can simply purchase the shirts you need, when you need them. We ship them out in 3-5 days. You can order just one, or almsot anuy number of variations of color and size.

Let's begin with a conversation about how we can create a custom apparel campaign. We have unique resources to deliver results and a wealth of experience making shirts people want to wear...

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Every shirt comes in a range of colors

Music fans have an emotional connection that runs deep with the artists they love, the music is a connection in their lives. A great shirt can express that connection, start conversations with friends and get stories going about great times, concerts trips etc. This is just a shirt, but making a great expression of a band on a shirt may be the new album cover. Let your fans reconnect with the music- and help others find new music with something that makes it out into the physical world. Each one of our shirts have a URL and QR code that is easy to find, they take people to a landing page to buy the shirt - but we also try to make as many connections back to the fan site, and will embed your latest recording on the page if we can (bandcamp makes this possible easily). Talk to us about designing a shirt that goes beyond just reproducing the record art.
We are masters at taking photos of buildings and places and making them interesting and artistic. We can render pencil sketches, watercolors, oil paintings and a host of illustrative rendering styles to create artwork from images of places. Give us the best images and an understanding of what makes your place unique and we can help find the magic of the place in a something someone wants to wear.
Sometimes books have amazing artwork that is perfect for a shirt. Sometimes it takes digging to find something illustrative that can make a connection. We can advise Best of all, we can try several ideas, as our print-on-demand production facilities have very low overhead to creating a new product. We can try a few ideas if we need to find out what resonates with people.
Often finding the characters, places and styles that connect with people can be a matter of trial and error. We can produce several designs and look for what people like. Clothing is different to many other visual design challenges. We can help find the most personal and expressive images of your work. Most importantly, we will always honor the context and relevancy of your art so that you are happy with the expression.

Why MellonBall ?

Wearable items can uniquely connect with people who really care about your brand. With the possible exception of a tattoo, it doesn't get much more personal than wearing it. We work with artists, authors, musicians, event organizers, charities, business owners and individuals to make great shirts, that we hope are worthy of such admiration.

Each shirt has a unique web address and QR code. With this little device on the sleeve, anyone can find the shirt they like, select their color and size preferences and order it with just a few clicks. We take care of all the production and logistics of shipping.  

With production and warehouse facilities in the USA, Europe and the UK, we can deliver in a very short time frame across a big part of the world.  Getting the shirts out in the world promotes your brand and gets people engaged.

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