Capt. Chris O' Flaherty

Torpedoes, Tea and Medals

Celebrating the brave actions of the Royal Navy in defeating tyranny. Here is an excerpt from the book, available on Amazon. Whilst Hitler's U-Boats were torpedoing shipments of tea bound for Great Britain, Jake Wright reciprocated by torpedoing Axis coastal shipping off Europe. His first Command was MTB 331, trained for a daredevil mission to puncture German boom defences protecting their battleships. In his next Command, MTB 32, he was wounded in action whilst torpedoing a German convoy, but kept his small ship fighting against the odds to win the action and sink his enemy; for his bravery he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Further acts of gallantry in action, combined with tactical innovation, saw him earn two bars to his DSC as well as a Mention in Despatches; he became one of only 44 officers in the Second World War to receive a DSC with two Bars.

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A riveting book for anyone interested in making a difference and looking for inspiration from brave leadership
Capt. Chris O'Flaherty, Author and Sea Captain. a serving Royal Navy warfare officer. Having qualified in 1992 as a diver and underwater bomb disposal officer, he has served on or near all seven continents. He has Commanded the Fleet Diving Squadron and the Royal Navy’s Maritime Warfare Centre, where he developed and published the modern Royal Navy’s battle-winning tactics. He holds the Joint Commander’s Commendation for his service in the Iraq theatre of operations, and the President of the United States awarded him US Legion of Merit for his delivery of a sequence of mission successes during the Houthi rebels’ naval mining campaign off Yemen
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